Chaplaincy Events Directory

Hot on the heels of our Vacancy directory, we’re about to add a directory for Events. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive list of chaplaincy related events for the UK. Events could include training sessions, conferences, webinars and more.

Chaplaincies who are planning an event can submit it for inclusion in our directory, which will be launching on 15 February 2021, just a few days away.

All you need to do is email Chapains UK ( with the following information:

Event Title:
Event Start Date & Time:
Event End Date & Time:
Name of the Organisation hosting the event:
Web address of the Organisation hosting the event:
Event description / information:
Web address where people can book tickets or find out more:
Header image for you event – 1600 x 900 pixels:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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